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Running the Falmouth Road Race has been a family tradition for the past 19 years, and for the second year, we're running to support CCALS, a fanstastic, small non-profit serving the needs of families affected by ALS.

Kristine works for CCALS and gets deployed when someone starts encountering challenges with their speech or accessing their computer.  Funds collected from our site will go directly into her budget for puchasing technology and adaptive equipment to ensure the people with ALS can continue to communicate after losing their voice and/or ability to use a regular computer. Imagine being 'locked in' with a perfectly functioning mind and not being able to articulate your needs and desires?  Totally scary and unacceptable!

While training, we've been thinking about and honoring those with ALS that are living their lives as fully as possible (shout out to David, Doug and Richard), the families of those with ALS and to the people that Kristine's worked that have passed in the past year:  Bill, Gloria, Maureen, Cathy, Deb, Judi, Judy, Bob and Sam.  

Please support us: CCALS does such great work!!


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