Dan Marquardt has raised $100 for ALS


Again, This year, I am running Falmouth in honor of my dad, Charles Marquardt, who is living with ALS.  What you may not know is that Compassionate Care ALS has made My Father's decline and the decline of so many other ALS suffering people so much more tolerable. The organization has been there with someone to talk to and someone to help obtain the tools he needs to minimize his suffering. Whether you need a kind ear, a ramp or information about ALS someone is always there to answer the call. I ask for your help to ease the burden of ALS on so many and keep us heading toward a future with a cure. 

To help those living with ALS, to find viable treatments and someday to find a cure, we have to be loud, we need to bring more attention to this disease and we need to do it now.

Compassionate Care ALS is a wonderful organization that focuses on the here and now of the disease and how it affects those who have it, as well as those who love and care for those people.  When life knocks you down, you need the best cheering squad you can get to help pick you back up, CCALS is part of that cheering squad. CCALS has provided my Dad with someone else, who understands, to talk with and provided help that He needs but would not ask for.

It is nice knowing that someone is around who knows what is coming with the disease and is willing to offer support with no strings attached.

Please help us to help them continue their great work as a piece of the puzzle that helps families like ours not just cope with this disease, but embrace the blessings it brings into our lives - wonderful people, amazing caregivers, and the privilege of spreading the word, supporting others, and helping to find better ways to live with and ultimately treat this devastating disease.

On behalf of my family, I thank you.


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