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Jenny Gauvin has raised $1,870 for ALS


Thank you for visiting my Falmouth Road Race® runner site. I am excited to be participating in this event to raise funds for Compassionate Care ALS. Raising funds from the Falmouth Road Race will allow CCALS to continue to provide direct services and durable goods to ALS patients, their families, and their caregivers. Please give generously and assist us in making a difference in the lives of those affected by ALS.

 This will be my 5th year running the Falmouth Road Race for ALS to benefit Compassionate Care ALS, a non-profit organization so dear to my heart . I dedicate this year to Terry Nash and Frank Braney who I personally cared for.


What some people don’t know is how much it takes for an ALS patient just to get out of bed for the day and how much work it is on the caregivers, especially the family members who don’t want to watch their loved ones suffer . That’s physical and emotional pain all at once .

Imagine not being able to move your arms or legs when you wake up but your mind is telling you to try . Wanting to tell an exciting story but your speech doesn’t match your mind . Only parts of your words come out slurred and people have a hard time understanding you . Not being able to open your arms for a hug . Having to get wrapped in a sling and moved around by a lift to get from room to room or to the bathroom and shower while everyone else around you is walking ,talking and laughing . Feeling your muscles spasm not just for a second , it lasts all day long and you can’t control it without medication. Noticing your breathing is changing and you can’t communicate that to let someone know .


ALS is the most unwelcome disease out there . The best thing we can do at the very least is to be mindful of all of this . We can never feel the pain they are going through internally but we can sure as hell try to sit with them through their emotions externally . They are still the same person. Too many people run away as soon as the person starts to look differently or when their speech goes . It’s not about how scary that might feel for you , it’s about how scared that person is living with ALS facing drastic changes in their body daily . It’s about showing up and just being there . Right where the patient is . Not ahead of them , not behind them but right where they are.


It will literally ware and tear on your body , it is heart wrenching , exhausting , emotional , inspiring , rewarding , Never Ending . They “teach “ you not to get attached. You should worry and question your career path if you don’t get attached . You have a heart . If you can feel their pain and be with that , it’s all they need . If you have a loved one who is ill , you would most definitely want someone with compassion taking care of them . Not someone who wants a paycheck .


The absolute hardest / most beautiful part of this journey is being there until the end and holding their hand until they crossover . We know they are no longer suffering . We are happy they are at peace but are heartbroken the journey ends.It started off as the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life but I know I’m able to do it with calmness and compassion . No one should ever die alone.


Which brings me to why I am running for ALS. CCALS shows up when the rest of the world runs scared . They offer emotional support to help navigate the difficult obstacles of ALS. They offer equipment needed to help families navigate their loved ones quality of life with dignity . No paper work , no hassle , just pure joy of helping others in need. To learn more about CCALS visit :

Now I humbly ask you to please consider making a generous donation to help those in need who are still living with ALS today . Thank you from the bottom of my heart ??


Dedication In memory of Matt Bruce
Thank you donors
Cyndee Cirelli
Rivkah Roman
Karen Robinson
Thank you for your inspiration! Happy to help support! Karen
elizabeth steele
You are an inspiration Jenny!! Thank you for your hard work, dedication and love towards this worthwhile cause! Love from your cousin Beth!
Brian Nash
Good Luck Jenny
Minna Brown
Thank you for raising awareness for this heartless disease.
Jennifer Kenary
Good Luck Jenny!! Thank you for all you do!!
Jennifer Goodwin
Jeanne Gregory
Looking forward to seeing you run by us again this year!
Rita Braney
In memory of Frank.
Adriane Gilder
Barbara Quinn
Eileen Gamache
So proud of my little cousin Jenny!! Have a great race!!
Elisabeth Haynes
Maureen Gauvin
You're awesome Jen. I'm proud to say that I'm your Mom <3
David Araujo
Great cause, keep pushing along! Good luck!
Linda Bellil
Best wishes for a smooth run!
Cara Volpicelli
I admire your dedication, care, and compassion for those that need you most. You are an amazing person and I'm happy to support the cause and what you do.
Rita Ashegh
I just love you.
Maureen Gauvin
Holly Young
I'm proud of you Jenny for all you do to help others! ?
Ernie Brooks
I love that you are a part of this wonderful organization and are so passionate about being their for people who truly need and appreciate it. You must brighten their lives so much. - Ernie
Alan Jaramillo
Amanda reached out to me! I am very thankful that she did!
Amanda Muse
Michelle Hartzman
Rebecca Haberman
Jen, So proud of the amazing woman you have become and so fortunate for knowing you (and Matt Bruce)!
Brian Mahon
Ellen Freeman
Robyn Brenner
In honor of Laurie Kearney Nash and her family
Steven Taylor
Janice and I are very proud of you and the dedication you have to ALS.
Cory Williams
Thank you for all that do
Michael Keating
Proud of what you do...!!
Laurie Nash
Good luck at the Falmouth Road Race! Terry will be with you in spirit! Love, Laurie