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Jessica Langsam has raised $1,111 for ALS


Dear Friends:

On Sunday August 19, I ran the Falmouth Road Race to support Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS).  I ran with my cousin Melissa (pictured with me above!).  CCALS helps those diagnosed with ALS and their families, and relies on funds generated from the Falmouth Road Race to do its work.

This year, CCALS runners raised over $170,000 towards a goal of $300,000 for the ALS Patient, Family and Caregiver Support Program.  The Program assists families in handling the overwhelming and complex issues presented when a family member receives a diagnosis of ALS - it includes home visits to meet face-to-face with families; engaging in dialogue as to disease progression, dying and death; offering emotional support; providing equipment not covered by insurance; and assisting with referrals to specialists.

I've seen CCALS in action - in their excellent support of my friends Paul and Susan, who had remarkable strength and humor in dealing with this devastating disease, and in their continuing care of my cousin David who inspires us all to, in his words "live large" and "keep swinging for the fences."  

Thank you for helping me meet the fundraising goal for this worthy cause!



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