Never Give Up
Meg Gilmartin has raised $2,050 for ALS


In 2011 an uninvited guest came knocking on my familie’s door. That uninvited guest, was ALS. My grandfather Robert J Powers (aka my pup) had been falling often & losing some arm strength; we didn’t think much of it let alone that it could be ALS. What is ALS?

But so began our journey...for 3 years my pup wandered the unknown road of ALS, side by side with my brave grandmother, devoted family & many close friends, & Ron Hoffman especially. My pup & I had a very special bond, when I was little he would walk me in my stroller for hours around hos neighborhood, so much so that the tread wore off on the stroller’s tires. He was & forever will be known as an extraordinary man. Strong. Bold. Loving. He’d give you the shirt off his back without a penny in his own pocket. He taught me to live life to it’s fullest, to never settle, to always follow my dreams, & to Never. Give. Up.

Thank you for reading our story!

With love, light, and deep gratitude,



Dedication In memory of Robert J. Powers
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Linda Hayden
Congrats on your run!
Denise Gilmartin
When you're feeling a bit tired and want to catch your breath, feel the love of POP with you. All along your path he is watching over you, cheering you on all the way. Love, Mom and Dad
Catherine Kelly
Go Meg!!! Run like the wind!! xoxo
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Go get 'em Meg!!
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Never Give Up Golf Tourny
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Love you babe! xo
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So proud of you—Love ya longtime!
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good luck sweetheart! xoxox
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Megan Gilmartin