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For Our Dad, Bill | Michael Palladino


As many of you know in April of 2000 my father, William Palladino lost his battle with ALS(Lou Gehrig's disease). I have countless fond memories of my father and all the time we spent together. The bulk of these memories were made in Falmouth, MA. My sister, Lisa and I look back fondly on our time spent with him and the rest of my family in the summer months at Wild Harbor Estates.

Going to check out the Falmouth Road Race was an activity I'll never forget. The big crowds, the excitement. it was an event, no matter what member of my family decided to run that year. Lisa and I will carry on that tradition of running the Falmouth Road Race this summer, in honor of my father. We wanted to do something my dad loved doing, in a place so dear to his heart, for a great organization. 

For anyone not familiar with CCALS it is an organization that provides a great deal for the patients, families, and caregivers of ALS, both in durable goods and emotional support. It is an organization that allowed my dad to stay at home and be taken care of by the people he loved the most, when insurance couldn't cover everything he would need. Ron Hoffman the director of this organization is an amazing man who my family got to know personally, and we are forever grateful for the love and support he showed. We are so proud to support him and his worthy cause.

Since my fathers passing, ALS awareness has grown thanks to social media crazes like the ice bucket challenge. Great strides are being made, however, a disease like ALS can't be cured overnight and groups like Compassionate Care ALS, helps to aid families, while doctors search for a cure. 

Please consider donating to this great cause. Lisa and I would greatly appreciate anything you choose to give. 


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For Our Dad, Bill
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