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Thank you for visiting my Falmouth Road RaceĀ® runner site.


The Falmouth Road Race is a 7 mile run from Woods Hole to Falmouth, through woods and along the water and over lots of huge (for this Miami girl anyway) hills. Every year, a number of worthy charitable organizations are allocated runner numbers to use for fundraising. Every year our CCALS crew grows and includes more people from all over the country whose families or friends were touched by this devastating condition and blessed with the help of CCALS. I will be there running again this year. 

If you are a treadmill runner who wants to join me virtually, check out this link: Sign up as a member of Team Boo through this site, share the page, help us raise some funds, and on race day run the virtual course and see why I go to the length of flying to the Cape for this event instead of just writing a check. The Falmouth Road Race is an amazing event and CCALS is a phenomenal organization that touches countless lives. 


Compassionate Care ALS fills the enormous gap between medical treatment and learning how to cope with the day to day issues facing patients and caregivers who are affected by this devastating disease.  

Funds raised through the Falmouth Road Race allow CCALS to continue to provide direct services, durable goods and badly needed practical and moral support to ALS patients, their families, and their caregivers. 


My grandfather's friends knew him as "Bill." We called him "Boo." When I was very young, and my dad was in Vietnam, my mom and I lived with Gram and Boo. Boo was my role model, my mentor, and the strongest supporter of my dreams; he was the reason I'm fluent in Spanish, encouraging me to take Spanish in school and sending me to stay with friends in Madrid in high school; he was the first to applaud my decision to move on my own to Boston after college, to go to law school, to start my own practice, and to buy The William D. I feel lucky to have had not only parents who love me, but grandparents who added a whole other dimension to my upbringing. I credit Boo with a great deal of influence in making me who I am.

We lost Boo to ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in the fall of 2007. After being diagnosed by a doctor in NJ who sent my grandfather away with a death sentence and no hope of any kind, we sought a second opinion at Mass General. Although they could not tell us the NJ doctor was wrong, the ALS Clinic at Mass General put us in touch with Ron Hoffman and Compassionate Care ALS. Ron visited our house at the Cape and assessed what my grandfather needed to remain safe and independent for as long as possible. CCALS provided a handicapped toilet (installed by a Compassionate Care volunteer at no cost to my grandparents) and shower transfer seat which helped Boo remain independent longer, and made us aware of tools like fat pens and grippers and special silverware and plates that helped Boo continue to be able to do things on his own as he progressively lost the ability to hold things in his hands. Ron visited my grandparents and gave Gram moral support while helping her understand the progression of the disease. He was always available for our questions and continued to be available to us after my grandparents returned to New Jersey and as Boo's condition worsened. He honestly told us what to expect and helped with information and support along the way.


My goal is to raise at least $3,000 for CCALS through Team Boo. CCALS has bought an inn in Falmouth to convert for use as a retreat center for ALS patients and their caregivers. They are raising funds for the renovations to make the property fully accessible.  My family was lucky to have a place where Boo could enjoy a beautiful and relaxing view without leaving his chair. The value of being able to escape to a beautiful place in a supportive environment with people who understand and can lend a helping hand and/or take the burden off a caregiver for a while can't be underestimated.


I need your help to reach my goal, CCALS needs your help, and so do all the families who are today in the position our family was in 2007, coping with the day by day devastation of ALS. 


Your assistance in sharing a link to this page through social media or email, and encouraging your contacts to participate, would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for helping keep this amazing organization funded so that more families like ours will have compassionate, caring support they need as they cope with ALS.


Michelle Melin Niemeyer


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