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For Our Dad, Bill | Lisa Palladino


As most of you probably already know, my Dad passed away from ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's Disease back in 2000. What you probably don't know is that for many years my Dad participated in the Falmouth Road Race.

My family and I have the fondest memories of spending our summers in Falmouth on Wild Harbor Beach. We often went and watched the race as I cheered on many of my family members running on this awesome day. Someday I knew I wanted to run this race too.

This year, my brother Mike and I decided it was time. Time to do something my dad loved doing, in a place so dear to his heart, for the most wonderful organization. For those of you who aren't familiar with CCALS it is an organization that provides a great deal for the patients, families, and caregivers of ALS, both in durable goods and emotional support. It is an organization that allowed my Dad to stay at home and be taken care of by the people he loved the most, when insurance couldn't cover everything he would need. We were blessed to get to know Ron Hoffman and we are forever grateful for the love and support he showed my entire family. He is an angel here on earth. We are so proud to support him.

I know there are so many races and organizations that are constantly out there looking for donations, but please trust me when I say CCALS will make the best of whatever you can give. It goes directly to the families' needs and every penny counts! I have no doubt in my mind that someday there will be a cure for this horrific disease, but in the mean time, make the lives of those suffering just a little more bearable! I am forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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For Our Dad, Bill
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