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Friends and Family,

Thanks for visiting our Falmouth Road Race runner site!

On August 19, we will be participating for the 5th year in the Falmouth Road Race for Compassionate Care ALS. Our team keeps growing, and this year we are lucky to have Dan Barbour join us!

For those who may not know, we are running in memory of our nana, Jacky Modelevsky, who lost her battle with ALS four years ago. Many of you knew our nana for years and can attest to what an incredible person she was. She was the picture of dignity and grace in the face of a devastating diagnosis. Running this race and raising money for CCALS is one way that we keep her memory alive, while also giving back to an amazing organization.

Who is Compassionate Care ALS and what do they do? CCALS helps to support services for many local patients and families living with ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The direct services offered through their main program include:

  • Making home visits
  • Answering basic requests for information and referral
  • Guiding families through intimate dialogue about disease progression, dying and death
  • Coping with a spouse’s death
  • Subsidizing respite services and durable goods that are not covered by insurance.

A diagnosis of ALS brings with it life-altering decisions and unforeseen challenges, and CCALS is here for the patients and the families.

We are very grateful for any support you are able to give to this organization, which has done so much for our family.

LuvU4ever, Nana

Sammy and Sarah Toole

Dan Barbour

Michael Modelevsky 

Amanda Warren


Dedication In memory of Jacky Modelevsky
Thank you donors
Jill & John Andy
Lewis & Gail Rubbin
sarah toole
Melissa Stern
Good luck Team Toole! In memory of Aunty Jackie. xo
Julianne Foster
Peter McManus & Ann Beach
Marni Dacy
Go Team Toole!! Love you all!
Amy Clay
Best of luck with the race, and a very worthy cause! Thinking of Jacky and another dear friend who passed from ALS. May we wipe it out completely!
Amanda Warren
Donation from Chris Leveroni!
Jack Brodsky
Rachel Berkal
Go team Toole! Love you guys! Xoxo
Karen Brill
A Great cause in memory of a Wonderful Woman. Way to go Toole family.
Susan Sweeney
Rhonda Jermyn
Have a great run honoring your wonderful mother and Nana!!!! How How!
Nancy Wluka
Good Luck Jake, Sami, & Sarah and to the whole family <3
Ally Peebles
You're a rock star per usual, Sammy! Good luck!!
Samantha Toole
Amanda Nadile donation!!
Debra & Richard Stamm
Kevin Brill
Samantha Kendall
Linda Finstein
With love in memory of Aunt Jacky
jacob toole
proud of the team <3
bill gerstein
Anne Yeager
Susan O'Halloran
Weldon & Patricia Lloyd
Mary Ellen Wians
Frances & Merton Sapers
Pam Schlichting
Mrs. Moe hold a very special place in my ??. Love to you all Pammy Berman Schlichting
Good luck!
celia stern
Irving Modelevsky
Jane Furr
Go Team Toole!
Susan and David Powell
Way to go Toole Time! Good luck! Xo
Abbott Fenichel
Go Tooles! Abby & Marsha
William Busiek
Go team....
Megan Ostrower
Go Team Toole!!
Lois McKean
James & Anna Rehnquist
James Stano & Donna Green-Stano
Bernice Saxe
Laurie Cohen
Pamela Lederer
Debbie Piltch
Sheila Meagher
Go get em guys!
Karen Appleton
Miss your wonderful Mom!
Carol Abram
Good luck with the race!
Glenn Bancroft
Barry & Lynne Balan
I loving memory of our friend Jackie a beautiful person
Jane Yeager
Go team!!!
Lenny Kasanoff
Lenny & Barb: Go team Toole!! ??????
Brian Barrett
Rhodys rooting for ya!
Tony Cattani
Great cause & great family ??
Kate Hassett
Good luck!! Wish we could be there to cheer you on!! xo Kate & Paul
Marcia Berman
Go Team Toole Time. Jacky was a great lady!
Steve Pritchett
BOILER UP B3 .... Expecting Jon to be in shape for this run.
Barry Olaughlin
Ellen Lunay
Love for Jacky & your family! xo, El
Stacey Alden and Donald Robinson
Leonard and Elinor Burg
ERic and Ann Brodsky
Carol Tassel
Mary Ann Drimer
Mary Stauffer
Karen and Barry Rosenblum
Good luck Tooles!
Megan Larcom
Go Tooles Go!
Colleen McCarthy
Go Team Toole! So proud of you <3
Brigid Sweeney
GO TEAM TOOLE!! Proud of you & the awareness you're bringing to Compassionate Care ALS xoxo
Theresa Corelli
GO TEAM TOOLE!! love you all <3
Olivia Eusden
Samantha Toole
Christina Orlansky donation!
Alison Merrill
Go, Team!! <3
MaryAnn Meyers
sending positive vibes yalls way!
Ilana Dell
Go team Toole!
Paige Brewin
Keep it up fam! <3 Paige & Dan
Karen Brewin
Thank you for your efforts in the fight against ALS!
Gabrielle Fiore
Love these women and this family with all my heart! Good luck! ??
Emily Bouton
You're amazing!!!
Kaitlin Raymond
Run like the wind!
Ann G Dacy
I miss our visits very much.
Ilene Barnwell
In loving memory of Jacky - my favorite Sharon Mom (other than my own)
David Alden
Gloria Buxbaum
I miss Jacky every day.
Carl and Lori Modelevsky
Go Team Toole Time!
Kathleen Stern
So proud of you guys!