Teams in alphabetical order


5 Docs

Abrahams Family


Band of Bellinas

BC Alumni '01 & '03

Bert's Buddies


Bob's Angels

Bossman Strong

Britt Brats

Bushie Bettick

Castelline Crew

Catherine's Crew

Charlie's Angels

Chris' Wickets

Coming Together for Carolyn

Dan's Team

Doug's Disciples

Doug's Disciples

Falmouth 2016

Fighting with Franny

For Our Dad, Bill

For Papa

For Robert & Dick

Georgia's Team

Glen's Gang

Irish Margueritas


Jill's Run for CCALS

John's Legacy

Marjorie's Minions


Mike's Sisters

Mom's Favorite

Movin' for Susan

Murph's Stride

Nancy's Troops

Never Give Up

Papa's Team

Pat's Pride

Phil's Army

Remembering John with Faith & Hope

Ron's Team

Run for Sheila

Running for Ronnie

Running is the New Black

Santuit Striders

Team Bertrand

Team Boo


Team Ceil

Team Claude

Team Coach Cotter

Team David

Team David

Team Doug

Team Doug

Team DWR

Team Ell

Team Flynn

Team Flynn

Team FrateTrain

Team Gordie

Team Hazel

Team Hollywood Jason Dedrick

Team Jimbo

Team Judy

Team Kampersal

Team Kevin

Team Kron

Team Maryellen

Team Matt

Team Nana

Team Nana

Team Norm

Team Pam

Team Paul York

Team Pawlak

Team Pettengill

Team Pettengill

Team Pettengill

Team Regan

Team Roni

Team Saunders

Team Saunders

Team Seth

Team Simba

Team Stephen

Team Sunshine

Team Tawa/Johnson

Team TC

Team Theo

Team Tom

Team Travis

Team Trimble

Team Warren

Team Warrior

Team Wayne

Ted's Team

The Kathie Doyle Mahoney Fund

To Catch a Cure

Toole Time

Triplet's Mom

Tucker Mountain Trotters