Never Give Up
Ashley Colter has raised $2,350 for ALS


Please help me meet my goal of $1500 in support of Compassionate Care ALS in order to run the Falmouth Road Race in memory of my Dad and Gram!

This year has been extremely hard for my family. In February we lost my Grandmother, Betty Colter, to complications from Parkinson's. In March, we lost my Father, Adam Colter, very suddenly in a tragic car accident. I am overjoyed to be running the Falmouth Road Race in their names and raise funds for an amazing organization. Running this race has been a dream of mine for many years. My Grandfather has ran the race countless times, while my Grandmother volunteered. My Dad and I were going to run together, but never got the chance.

I am blessed to be running in support of Compassionate Care ALS- (CCALS). This organization generously provides support and insight to patients living within the confines of ALS and to their caregivers. Please consider joining my journey in supporting this amazing organization-all donations go directly to the cause and are tax deductible. If you are unable to support monetarily, you can still join me with your prayers. Thank you for your support and blessings!! I love you all. You can donate here, no amount is too little -


Dedication In memory of Adam and Betty Colter
Thank you donors
Jill Maiorana
Good luck Ashley!!!
Denni Ting
Diego y Mateo
I hope you reach all your goals Ashley! We are all behind you.
Juliana Valencia
Happy birthday Ashley! I know how much this means to you and I wish I could give more.
Chelsea Thrasher
Happy to help!
Debra Pocius
Good Luck Ashley
Diana Lynn
I'm glad I could support you in this race that means so much to you! As always I'm very proud of you!
Give it your best Ashley!
Patricia Gheen
gary barth
Run like the wind for those who you hold dear in your heart?
Hanna Addis
Dillon Burnett
Jonathan Colter
It's a wonderful thing you're doing. You make us all proud. Gram and your Dad will be right next to you the whole race. ??
Kevin Barrientos
Alexander Walls
Cheryll Sashin
I hope to see you there!
Kathleen Cooke
Proud of you Ashley!
Joshua Couick
Carol Muro
Carla Rebholz
Thank you for the opportunity you give us to be part of this. Continue your family tradition of helping and caring for others.
Lacy Monteleone
Marilyn Lewis
Enjoy it!! I hope you meet or beat your own expectations. So happy you get to do it!!
Will Weible
Robin Crawford
Go girl! Run for your life. And for the lives of others. ??