Team Norm
Kelsey Nowak has raised $1,525 for ALS


Thank you for visiting my Falmouth Road RaceĀ® runner site. I am excited to be participating in this event to raise funds for Compassionate Care ALS and run in memory of Norm Morais. 

Raising funds from the Falmouth Road Race will allow CCALS to continue to provide direct services and durable goods to ALS patients, their families, and their caregivers. Please give generously and assist us in making a difference in the lives of those affected by ALS.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!


Thank you donors
Lori Coakley
I hope it was a successful run! Congratulations on meeting your goal. Lori C.
Erin Donovan
You're the best for doing this with me... goal officially met!! Let's get back at it again next year but actually crash the wedding this time
Chris Mitchell
Kathleen Souvigney
Good Luck Erin from the CT Donovans!
Griffin Nuttall
Thanks for driving
Dian Wallace
Go Kelsey!!!
Don and Debbie Donovan
Good Luck Tomorrow, Kelsey! GO TEAM NORM!
Kerry Wallace
Thanks for raising money for such an amazing foundation. This donation is in memory of my Uncle Ronnie who suffered from this disease and passed away almost 2 years ago. I think about him every day!
Natalie Lelless
John Poirier
Katie Colton
Good luck!!!
Gretchen Bradley
Run like the wind gf!
Annie and Chris Cail
Good luck running for a great cause.
Denise Vettese
Happy to support you Kelsey. Have a great run.
Stacey Nowak
Good luck and have a great time!
mary fox
Best of luck Kelsey
Brianne Kokinda
Rachel Mahler
Good luck!! <3
Sara Larrabee
Run Kelsey run! Happy to support you in your half marathon training & in this fundraising effort for ALS <3
Ellie Gordon
Run hard girlie!!
Gerry Duncan
Thanks for raising funds and awareness.
Andy Brink
Shayne Devlin
You rock Kelsey and we love you!
Taryn Beaudoin
Good luck Kelsey!
Dana Sheehan
Good Luck Kelsey !
Carol Nowak
This is a great thing you are doing for a great cause!! Good Luck!!
Mark Manasas
If you need a running partner, Ellie is ready ;-) GO KELSEY!!!
Deirdre George
Don and Debbie Donovan
Run, Kelsey Run! Thanks for jumping in and running for such a great cause... You're awesome... You and Erin will tear it up! Have fun! Don and Deb
Erin Donovan
YAY Kelsey!!! Thank you so much for running for my team. We're going to crush it! ??
Kelsey Nowak