Kristine Copley has raised $2,045 for ALS


Breathe!  When I run, I think a lot about breathing.  Breathing in and out.  Working hard to breathe.  Incredible gratitude for the opportunity to breathe hard.  Grateful for the sun and wind and sweat on my face.

I think about the people I serve,  Many labor just to breathe.  I watch them working so hard and I involuntarily bring my hand to my heart and exhale long and slowly.

With David Garber, one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, I end up breathing in rhythm with him long after I leave him for the day.  His ventilator makes a perfectly-timed swooshing inhale/exhale sound that's as familiar to me as the jazz that plays non-stop in his house.  When I clear his lungs with his cough assist machine, he tells me that it feels good; that it's a workout for his lungs.

CCALS is dedicated to providing comfort and care in an uncomplicated way to individuals and families suffering from ALS.   We do such good work, and I hope you'll support me!


Dedication In honor of David Garber
Thank you donors
Lorita Copley
Great job!!
Catherine DeMassi
Sally Hooten
Sandra Copley-Menard
May you be in awe of those you support, as we are in awe of you! Now go kick b##t
corren collura
Go Kristine!!
Debbie DelVecchio
You are amazing.
Stephen and Tamara Powers
Jean Lee
Go Kristine! Go Team CCALS! and see you there !! :-)
Kathleen Dunlap
Jeff and I are proud to support you and CCALS!
Sue Powers
What a great cause Kristine. You are making such a difference in their lives.
William & Rita Copley
James Donovan
have a great run and thanks for all of the great work you do for CCALS!
Deborah Sawyer
Thanks for all you do Kristine! Have a great race!
Colleen Copley
woohoo another mug for the collection!!
Eric Czernizer
Teddy deCaro
Run, Kristine, Run!!! Good luck!
Karen Maydick
Have a great run Kristine!
julie cline
You go Girl...your clients are counting on you!