Team Norm
Erin Donovan has raised $2,250 for ALS


Thank you for visiting my Falmouth Road RaceĀ® runner site. 

As many of you know, my Grandpa Norm passed away last month after his battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). He was able to remain in his beloved home by the river until just a week before he passed. This is due to the endless support provided to him by his family and friends and because of Compassionate Care ALS. 

I am excited to be participating in this event to raise funds for Compassionate Care ALS. Raising funds from the Falmouth Road Race will allow CCALS to continue to provide direct services and durable goods to ALS patients, their families, and their caregivers. Please give generously and assist us in making a difference in the lives of those affected by ALS.

Grandpa Norm was an inspiration to all of us and his optimism and strength never waivered since the moment he was diagnosed. As far as we are all concerned, he beat ALS by never once letting it get him down. Let's rally around his spirit and contribute to the ALS community and this amazing organization.


Dedication In memory of Norm Morais
Thank you donors
David Morais
Way to go CCALS, and way to go Erin! My family and I, and Teri Champigny as well, are so proud of you for doing this. My Dad thought so highly of you, he'd be so pleased and proud. Thank you!
Margaret Perras
Your Grandpa Norm faced ALS with composure, strength, and dignity...He was a role model for all of us..His energy and spirit will embrace you as you run to honor this amazing man...The Perras Family
Don and Debbie Donovan
First Falmouth, then on to the Boston Marathon! We're all very proud of you, young lady and Grammy and Grandpa Norm are too! ~ Mom and Dad
robert mccarthy
Erin, Grampa Norm will be running by your side, from the start to the finish of the Falmouth Road Race, with a grin on his face the size of Texas!!!
Jennifer Gallione
Thank you for running for such an amazing cause Erin!!! See ya down there!!
Steve Morais
Thanks so much for representing us all in this important cause ... other ALS families will be equally well supported because of you !!! Go get 'em ... :)
Nancy and Allan Monk Gordon
Run Erin Run!! Love, Nancy and Allan
Paula Wingreen
Run Erin run ... Good on you! Your Grandpa Norm and I will be with you in spirit ~
Ellie Goedon
Love ya dude!! Keep on runnin :)
Linda Donovan
Go for it Erin. Grampa Norm and Grammy are so proud of you! (As are we!!!)
Uncle Mike and family
Grandpa Norm and Grammy are smiling, Erin. Good for you, run on!!
Shaylah Bartlett
Go get 'em tiger!!
Erin Donovan