Allison fredericks

Raised $13,603 of $1,500 Goal

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page for the 2021 Falmouth Road Race to support Compassionate Care ALS! I am excited to run this race’s seven miles in support of an organization that means so much to me. Funds raised from Falmouth Road Race allow Compassionate Care ALS to provide direct services and durable goods to ALS patients, their families, and their caregivers. Please give generously and assist us in making a difference in the lives of those affected by ALS!


Tracy Bates $100.00

My sister is a boss 08/15/2021

Patricia Sandberg $50.00


Nancy Glasheen

Go IRISH girl go! 08/12/2021

Joni Cormier $100.00

You rock!! 08/09/2021

Lisa Nekola $75.00

Run, Allison, run!!!! 08/02/2021

Sarah Ellis

You go, girl!! 07/25/2021

Joan Barrows $100.00


Kim Hennessee $200.00


Señor Bloor $250.00

Strong work guys. I'll see you in August. 07/10/2021

Talitha Franggos $100.00


lulu fichter $60.00


Maureen Huber $100.00


Patrick and Marybeth Davidshofer $100.00

Go, Allie! Sending our love! 06/28/2021

Anonymous $50.00


Tim Roberts $50.00

Good luck Allison we rooting for you!!! 06/26/2021

Linda Landers


Deb and Bobby Coltey Barrows $50.00


Matthias Schwabe

love you guys, 06/26/2021

Jonathan Hildrey

Go Allison!!! 06/23/2021

Maggie Diamond $100.00

Cheering both of you on! 06/21/2021

Maritza Hall


richard fredericks $100.00

run, sweetie, run! this is the start of something grand! your ricky 06/18/2021

Anne Meiklejohn $100.00

I think if you two every day. I am always here if you ever need a shoulder. Love to you both. 06/17/2021

Prescilla Young $100.00

To my coach, Rick!💕 06/17/2021

Chris Mayer


Kathy Pletcher

Go Allison! 06/17/2021

Michael Howard


Leslie Alger


Jim Dezieck

7 miles in Cape summer heat - this is love! Go for it Allison! 06/17/2021

Elana Comstock

Xoxo with love 06/16/2021

Rachel Cohen


Marco Wise $100.00


Sara Spittel


Neal Gann $50.00


J Gary Augustson $100.00

So happy to be able to participate -- thanks for making this happen, Allison 06/16/2021

Karen Zack


Mark Conner


LotLinx, Inc.


Laura Patterson


Alicia Jurus $100.00

Allison, sending love and support - you'll need it going up the last hill! 06/16/2021

Chris Paquette $100.00

Allison and Rick, Betty and I thank you for the chance to show some love and support to two wonderful people. Hugs to you both! 06/16/2021

Mark Askren


Rob Daisy


Dietrich &June Sauer $40.00

Allison & Rick: I miss you guys and I’d pay to see my old boss run anytime. :-). Sending smiles your way from Flagstaff. 06/16/2021

Jo-Ann Cuevas $100.00

Allison, I hope this small donation helps families like yours during this time. Please tell Rick that I'm praying for him and your family. Rick is such an inspiration to me. Thank you for posting the picture. Makes me happy to see him smiling. Love and hugs, Jo-Ann (STLP 2016) 06/15/2021

Jennifer Duffy $50.00

Sending you both love and strength. 06/15/2021

Brian McDonald $700.00

Allison this is a stretch challenge and deserving of a $100 a mile-you go girl! 06/15/2021

Doug Fredericks $100.00


Michelle Brown $25.00

❤️❤️❤️ 06/15/2021

Jeannine Stearns $100.00

Wishing you both all the best, and happy to support a great cause. 06/15/2021

Megan Geer $25.00

Good luck Allison! 06/15/2021

Mike and Maureen Sullivan $250.00

We can go fast alone but we can go far together. The running spirits will be pulling you up that hill to the finish. 06/15/2021

Tim Selby $200.00


Samantha Morton $50.00

Love to you Rick & Al❤️ You are so special to me, always. 06/15/2021

Karen Kellogg $100.00


Julie Schloss $100.00

In support of Rick, and in honor of my mom whom I lost to ALS. May we find a cure so no other family has to battle this disease. Go, Allison, Go! 06/15/2021

Jan Cicero $50.00

All the best!! 06/15/2021

Lori Green $50.00

Run Allison, Run!! Anything to support you and Rick. 06/15/2021


7 miles? Holy moly! 06/15/2021

Irina Zaks


Lance Schafer

Have a great run Allison! 06/15/2021

Jack Wolfe $250.00

For a great guy, and his great family!!...Do well, Rick and all!! 06/15/2021

Meghan Sullivan

How far is it to Carlton Road and back? You got this! 06/15/2021

Susan Washburn $200.00

Sending love and support! 06/15/2021

Renee Burginger $50.00

I only met Rick briefly but he makes a lasting, joyful impression that remains strong with me still. Run hard! 06/15/2021

Anne Pinkowski $100.00

I’m in! If I lived out there, I’d run too - purely fir Ricks’s amusement - because like you, I generally only run when I’m being chased…. By something BIG. Please give my friend a hug! 06/15/2021

Kathleen Girolamo $50.00


Deborah Fredericks $100.00


Kelly Burns Gallagher $50.00


Jason Knight

Crush it! 🏃🏼‍♀️ 06/15/2021

Grace Briggs $100.00

💕💕💕 06/15/2021

Amanda DiNino $10.00


Kim Proctor $50.00

♥️ 06/15/2021

Jonas Moskowitz $36.00

Go Allison!!! 06/15/2021

Len Short


Janet Hautanen $25.00

You and Rick are rockstars! Sending love and best wishes. xoxo 06/15/2021

Briana Sullivan Radetsky

Down to the bridge and back 7 times! 06/15/2021

Julia Owen


Marilyn Tullgren $50.00

Go, baby, go!!!! Tell me where and when and we will be there every step of the way!! You're amazing!!!💞 06/15/2021

Melissa Langill $25.00

Sending love to you and your family! 06/15/2021

David Robb $50.00


David Szehi $50.00

Love you guys! 06/15/2021

Debra Mooney

Run, Allie, run! You've got this. 06/15/2021

Courtney Keefe $50.00

Run your little butt off lady! Anything to support one of my favorite people in the world. ❤️ 06/15/2021