Jill Lydon

Raised $1,980 of $1,500 Goal

Hello! My cousin Megan and I are running the 50th annual Falmouth Road Race this August for Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS). Compassionate Care has gone above and beyond supporting our family since my dad was diagnosed with ALS last year. They provided us with equipment and more importantly supported us in navigating the minefield that is ALS care. One of my dad's main passions was running and it was a huge loss when that was no longer something he could do. His diagnosis and subsequent decline has really hammered home the luxuries of daily life we take for granted. Having the ability to run is a blessing, but so is being able to talk, eat, drink, breathe, and move independently. ALS is a terrible disease that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Although our time left with my dad is extremely limited, we hope to honor him by running this race for him this summer. He always felt that there is no problem a good run couldn't help fix, so we're hoping to do some good by running this race for him.


Bernadette Donaghey $50.00


Andrew Lydon

Way to go Megan and Jill!!! :) 06/26/2022

Eileen Spall $25.00

I’ll be cheering for you both! 06/21/2022

Charles and Patricia Lydon $100.00

We are so proud of your determination and strength! ❤️ 06/11/2022

Katherine Cook $100.00


Kathleen Cushing $150.00


Patrick Lydon $50.00

way to go doing this to honor your dad :) 06/04/2022

Jim & Georgiann Lydon $100.00

awesome thank you 06/04/2022

Janice Nadeau

Go Megan and Jill!! Much love to Joe and Karen & family 06/02/2022

Terrie Lewia $50.00

Bravo Jill!! We are all behind you and Megan ~ both incredible!!! 05/31/2022

Maureen Clampet $100.00


Margaret Lydon $50.00

We are all so proud of you for doing this road race. Will be cheering you on. 05/30/2022

Nancy Sullivan $50.00

Way to go Jill & Megan. Will be cheering you on❤️❤️❤️ 05/30/2022

Maureen (Cushing) Egan $200.00


Barbara OConnor


Anshuman Roy $50.00


Patty & Peter Soule $50.00

Good job, Jill. We’re so proud of you. 05/30/2022

Anne and Al Commito

We will be cheering you on. We are sure that your Dad is so proud of what you are doing to help others. Love you all! Anne and Al 05/30/2022

Kelly Everett


Deirdre Lydon


Karen Maregni $50.00

This is such a lovely way to honor your dad! He loves you! xo 05/29/2022

Caroline Spall $50.00

We will be cheering you gals on from afar - love you Uncle Joe! Caroline, Elliot, and William 05/29/2022

Kevin Clampet $50.00