Jonathan Penner

Raised $5,006 of $5,000 Goal

Thank you for stopping by my fundraising page for this year’s Falmouth Road Race. I’m proudly supporting Compassionate Care ALS and I hope you’ll join me. This year, for the first time, I’m excited to run (walk/limp) this race’s seven miles for an amazing organization that has helped me and my family so much. The funds we raise together will allow Compassionate Care ALS to provide direct services and durable goods to ALS patients, their families, and their caregivers. I can’t tell you how much this organization’s support meant to me and Stacy and the kids. They were heroes to us, and helping them in this way is the least I can do to show my gratitude and appreciation. Please give generously and assist us in making a difference in the lives of those affected by this horrible condition? I thank you and hope you can join us on the weekend of August 15th! Please come out if you can. Cheers, JP


Anna Louise Morris


Paige Macy $1,050.00

We love you, Penner!! Xoxo, Paige, Trevor and Lucia 08/15/2021

Mary Little $100.00

Thanks for bringing awareness to this wonderful organization. 08/15/2021

Kabrel Geller $100.00

In honor of your beautiful and courageous wife. I have complete faith you will at least crawl across the finish line;) 08/11/2021

Shannon Healey

A little love from a big survivor fan 08/09/2021

Lesley Morgan $100.00

My favorite Survivor player's cause is also mine. My grandmother Ella died of ALS, and it was terrifying to see what happened to her. ALS is the most horrifying disease imaginable - F!!k ALS indeed. I'm honored to contribute in any small way. Thank you, Jonathan, for showing the world what love is. 08/07/2021


My mother passed away from ALS in 2019 and CCALS was incredibly helpful for her and my family as well. This is in memory of her and your wife. 07/30/2021

Deanna Briner $100.00


ALFONSO Campos $100.00

We believe in Jonathan Penner’s mission to one day find a way to destroy this awful and debilitating disease! 07/19/2021

Jay Framson $25.00


Yul Kwon $1,000.00


Brisa Maldonado $100.00


Catherine Sparks $50.00


Anonymous $20.00


Lori Preleski $75.00

Good luck! Also, Thanks Yul for reminding us again of this cause. 07/14/2021

Steve Mills $50.00

We love you, Jonathan. 07/13/2021

Carol Gillespie $100.00

I donated during Survivor in your wife's name, because Yul asked. He asked again, so here you go. I wish you and your family all the best. Have fun, run hard and fast. This is a great cause. 07/13/2021



Heather Wade

Wishing you comfort, love, and tons of donations!!! 07/13/2021


My section if the garden for Stacy and your neighbor Lisa is flourishing...lets hope team Survivor flourishes as well!! 07/13/2021

Anonymous $20.00


Jack Higgins $10.00

Jonathan, I am so sorry that you have had to deal with this awful awful condition. You are my favorite Survivor to ever play and it hurts to see you hurt. Love, a 13 year old Survivor fan. - Jack 07/01/2021

Andrew Gerber $100.00

Penner - the first time I saw you on Survivor, you looked familiar. Then I saw that you were The Champion. This role has show that is true not only in the TV world, but also in your personal life. Being able to watch you through Survivor, and becoming aware of your story, and that of Stacy's, has been amazing to see from afar. The odds of us ever meeting each other is slim to none (similar to the odds of you seeing this), but you have definitely made an impact in my life, and many others as well. Thank you for all that you've done, and all that you are continuing to do. 06/30/2021

Patrick Murtha $200.00


Frank Martin $50.00




Eric Raskin $20.00


Elaine Zuk $50.00

In memory of my mom, Jean Zuk, who lost her battle with ALS in 2007. Mom, I miss you every day. 06/29/2021

Steven Furtwangler $50.00


Sugar Kiper


Jennifer Marchant

I have followed you since your first Survivor season. Thanks for sharing Stacy's story with us. You're a good guy. 06/29/2021

Amy Cook $50.00

in memory of Stacy, and in memory of my grandfather, Dr. Burton Stekler, who passed away from ALS in 1988 06/29/2021

Rich Oljey $50.00

For your wife Stacy. Fuck ALS! 06/15/2021

Patty Lucini $100.00

In memory of Stacy and in honor of my brother Michael Sullivan Sr who is going into year 12 with ALS 06/12/2021

Ariann Jovanovic $100.00


Andrew Grottkau


Natalie Klang $50.00

For Stacey 06/10/2021

Betsy Sherman $50.00


Myriam Hoskins $20.00

It’s not much but I hope it helps. May your lovely Stacy RIP & GL w your run. 06/10/2021

Mick and Erin Palmesano $300.00

For Stacy, for my husband Mick, and for all of the amazing PALS and CALS out there! Thank you for being a voice and making a difference! 04/18/2021


I give in the names of Blue and Tootsie who miss their mother as much as I do. ALS even hurts Animals! Fuck ALS! 03/15/2021